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"Inclinometer Chain - Differential Deformation" Function Block

Evaluation of data from an inclinometer chain - calculation of the differential deformation per chain link by by difference formation compared to reference measurement, scaled with step size.

  • Input channels:

    • Up to 15 channels for the incline values of the inclinometer chain links.
      If the inclinometer chain has fewer than 15 links, leave the corresponding input channels unspecified (select drop-down menu item "-").

  • Parameters:

      Dropdown menu to specify the orientation of the inclinometer chain: Orientation in "X", "Y" or "Z" direction.

      Text field to enter the coordinates value of the reference point. Used for the orientation of the inclinometer chain as x, y or z coordinate of the reference point, depending on the selection.

      Dropdown menu to specify whether the inclinometer chain reference point is at the head or foot of the chain.
      Possible choices: "Fixed foot point (default)" and "Fixed head point".

      Checkbox to set whether the reference measured values are subtracted from the measured values to form the deformation differences (default checkbox not selected), or - vice versa - the measured values are subtracted from the reference measured values (compare calculation instruction below).

  • Output channels:

    • Up to 15 output channels for the differential deformations of the chain links of one inclinometer chain.
      Each output channel corresponds to the input channel in the same position.

    • One output channel for the reference point (always created).

  • Calculation instruction per measurement time for chain link i:
    Differential deformation diffDef i = (m i – m 0_i) * s i * f, with

    • m i: Incline measured value for chain link i at current measurement time T

    • m 0_i: Reference measured value for chain link i at time point T ("zero measurement")

    • s i: Step size

    • f: -1, if the "Invert signs" parameter checkbox is checked, otherwise 1.

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