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CSV (User-defined)

With the "CSV (User-defined)" export format, the data is exported in a user-defined format. The following settings are available:

  • Mode

    • "All channels in one file"

    • "One file per channel"

  • Settings for region, time zone etc., date and time in separate columns; accuracy and format of time stamps - self-explanatory

  • Defining columns to be output:
    Default: All checkboxes marked:

    • Measuring point

    • Channel name

    • Channel number

    • Unit

    • Error code

Result: The header of a CSV file, where all settings were left as default, looks like this in this export format:

Measuring point

Channel name

Channel number




Error code

Note: If the table selected for export contains multiple channels and if the "All channels in one file" mode was selected, the data from each channel is output below one another: first the rows containing the data from the first channel, then that of the second and so on.

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