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Which user roles exist?

In addition to standard users, there are also users in special roles with which cross-project rights are associated and which cannot be restricted even by user group rights (see User group properties). There are two user roles:

  • Super Administrator
    Users in this role have the most access to the system.
    An IT admin who also manages the system is generally given this role.
    The typical tasks of a super administrator consist of setting up and updating the system.

  • Administrator
    Users in this role see everything, except for certain setup information such as file paths, and are allowed to do everything.
    This role is intended for users who do not necessarily manage the IT, but who do manage Sedrix across all projects. The typical tasks are creating and managing projects, users and user groups.

Assigning these roles is done in the Edit mode of a user, see the section on User Properties.

Working as a privileged user is generally only intended for setup and maintenance purposes. You should be logged in as a standard user to work "normally".

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