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User Group

User groups allow you to combine users, e.g. to assign them certain rights or to define them as recipients of notifications.

For example, user groups are used in alerting when defining the recipients of notifications (see Alert Definitions - Properties). It is also possible to notify all users of a group, regardless of alerts. (See Notifications).

The user group management can be reached via the icon

in the menu.

User groups can be created per project, with the users still being valid across projects. This means that a user can have different rights in different projects.

To manage user groups, a user needs the correct rights. A user is given these rights either through a cross-project role (see User Roles) or by membership in a group with the corresponding rights (see User Group Properties).
The user group button

is only visible in the menu if the currently logged in user has the right to create user groups or to view them.

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