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"Inclinometer Chain - Deformation" Function Block

Calculation of the (borehole) deformation per chain link by adding up the differential deformations of the chain link and all previous links, beginning with the reference point.

  • Input channels:
    As for "Inclinometer chain - differential deformations" function block.

  • Parameter:
    As for "Inclinometer chain - differential deformations" function block.

  • Ouput channels:

    • Up to 15 output channels for the (summed) deformation per chain link of an inclinometer chain.
      Each output channel corresponds to the input channel in the same position.

    • One output channel for the reference point (always created).

  • Calculation instruction:
    Summed differential deformations for chain link i, sumDiffDef i = Sum(of j = 1bis i) diffDef j. diffDef as for "inclinometer chain - differential deformations" function block described.

Important: Since, as outlined above, a reference measurement is included in the calculation, a suitable reference measurement must be defined for the measuring point beforehand (Edit mode for the measuring point, tab "Reference measurements")!

For both function blocks, the input channels are sorted in ascending order according to their position coordinates before the calculation, starting from the reference point, so that the above summation can be performed correctly. Nevertheless, it is recommended to specify the input channels already according to the correct arrangement for reasons of understanding.

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