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Delete User Group

To delete a user group, the user group must first be opened for editing.

Proceed as follows to delete a user group:

  1. Open the "User Groups" view by clicking on the "User Groups" icon

    in the menu.

  2. Click on the "Edit" icon

    on the right in the line belonging to the user group that you wish to delete.

  3. In the Edit view that opens, click the "User Groups" label to open the context menu and select the "Delete" command there.

  4. Select the "Delete" command from the context menu.

  5. Confirm that you wish to delete the user group in the Delete dialog that opens.
    If you find that you have selected the incorrect user group, you can cancel the deletion process by clicking "Cancel".

The user group being deleted must no longer be assigned to a folder! In the “Assigned Folders” tab (see Properties of the User Group> Assigned Folders), uncheck any checked boxes and save the user group before you start the process of deleting the user group.

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